UI engineer and web developer.

I’m an engineer and interested in how people interact with technology. I also love to work with professionals of other disciplines so I work on user interfaces. I’m passionate about the web so I work on web user interfaces. (You could also call it HTML5 app and web frontend development.)

Here’s my Twitter and GitHub profiles.

As a JavaScript freelancer my most enterprisey job I did was for GLS as an IBM subcontractor and my most startuppy for 5apps. I’ve also been employed working on pretty advanced online product advisors at excentos.

I consider myself a member of the Berlin JavaScript community. Here’s the slides to one of my talks.

I’m one of the crazy folks who did the AfricaHackTrip. I also wrote some blog posts.

Education is the answer to most of society’s challenges and I feel privileged to be part of the powerful tech industry. That’s why I’m involved with OpenTechSchool. I want the tech scene to be more diverse and I want to give something back. But it is also a lot of fun and very inspiring. I also blog.

Currently I’m trying myself out as a business person so I’m part of the Halvtone team where we developed a business idea and a pilot product that we’re trying to actually sell to people…

HTML5 is developing towards a universal platform for applications while the open web is threatened by central monopolies like facebook. I sympathize with the unhosted movement and I’m a member of the remoteStorage community.

I’m proud I managed to create this page. I didn’t manage to create a blog, yet. There’s a very old blog around still, mostly in German.